The best 175 music sites

More than 150 of the best music websites on this planet. Discover thousands of new bands, listen instantly to music, discover new social music networks, find your daily resources handy on one page. Feel free to give comments or add additions underneath.

Massive Communities

Your Music Online Playlist Radio

007 deezer
008 playlist
016 orb

Spotify - coolest app on earth

017 Spotify

Russian Music Shops

041 iomoio

Album Art

The usual suspects

049 iTunes

Its in the mix

Listen to the Radio 2.0

129 Jango

Live Music Portals

167 5gig

YouTube PlayLists

171 Yamelo

Encyclopedia, Wiki, Reference

For Musicians

Rare stuff

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  1. steve

    the comment above about jamglue, was posted last year in August and you still haven’t taken off the link.


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